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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Its my job to manage those strengths and get the best out of my workers to ensure every project is completed to the highest standards.

Generally we work in teams of two. Occasionally on bigger projects we pull together and work as one big happy family.

Harry & Charlie

No, these are not the chuckle brothers. This is Harry and Charlie. Two brothers from Wolverhampton. No one is beating them to site in the morning.


Ex professional boxer Kieron Mclaren. These days he’s only interested in knocking out first and second fix deadlines.


Alfie. He likes bottles of water and pipes. Always wears gloves. Not much else to say.


Samuel Atkinson. Massive lord of things fan so we call him Samwise Gamgee.


Sometimes we need the big man to do a shift.

The Girls

We start them young in our family. Child labour from £2.50 an hour.


Liam spends his time either talking about electrical regulations or sitting at home memorising them.

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