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Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pump Installations

At Glo Energy in Stoke-on-Trent, we specialise in providing top-quality heat pump installation services. Heat pumps have become an increasingly popular choice for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. These innovative systems harness the renewable energy present in the air or ground to create a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing the impact on the environment. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our team of experts is here to guide you through the process of heat pump installation, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are used to warm or cool thermal energy, a cycle of evaporation and condensation occurs which transfers heat throughout your home creating a comfortable environment. Available for domestic or commercial premises, transferring heat rather than generating it. It’s a technology that appears new but one that’s has actually been used for decades in refrigerators and air conditioning systems. There are three main types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source and geothermal. A renewable energy solution, up to 400% efficient, which helps to reduce running costs.

Glo energy is an MCS registered company. This means we will get you the maximum government grant available to cover costs on Air Source and Ground Source installations. We will work with you to design the most efficient system for you project. Our aim is to provide RHI grants for you and to give us the most competitive edge in supplying and installing your air source or ground source heat pump.

Whether it be a high end Stiebel Elton or an economic Mitsubishi, the system we supply and install will be perfect for you. Our packages are fully inclusive unlike our local competitors. We have our own in-house electrician and heat pump installation specialist. No part of the installation or commissioning is outsourced. Rest assured we do everything from start to finish and beyond.

Heat Pump Installation

When it comes to heat pump installation, we understand that each property has unique requirements. Our experienced professionals follow a comprehensive approach to ensure that your heat pump system is installed to the highest standards. From assessing your property’s specific needs and selecting the appropriate heat pump type to conducting a seamless installation, we take care of every aspect of the process.

Air Source Heat Pumps

What is an Air Source Heat Pump? Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are an excellent choice for efficient heating and cooling. They extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it indoors, creating a comfortable environment throughout the year. ASHPs can also reverse the cycle to provide cooling during hot summers.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps: ASHPs offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, versatility, cost savings, and a reduced carbon footprint. They can be installed in various settings and provide year-round comfort for residential and commercial properties.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump? Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) utilize the stable temperature of the ground or groundwater to heat or cool a building. These systems circulate a water-based solution through buried pipes, exchanging heat with the ground and transferring it indoors.

Advantages of Ground Source Heat Pumps: GSHPs offer exceptional efficiency, a long lifespan, quiet operation, and reliance on renewable energy sources. They are an ideal choice for those seeking sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

How do heat pumps work?

What are the benefits of a heat pump?

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